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Here at Golden Technical Services, we believe that the IT management needs of clients take precedence over all else. Because of this belief, we work with each client to determine which of our services they need, which ones they can do without, and how we can best implement their unique selection of services. When you work with Golden Technical Services, you can rest assured that you will only be paying for the services that your business needs to function as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Click on the drop-down menu below for more reasons on why you should select us to meet your IT management needs.

Why choose Golden Technical Services:

We Offer More Choices

Unlike the majority of IT management firms, we strongly believe in letting clients choose which services they want. As a result, our clients are able to pick and choose services from our selection instead of being forced to purchase a package containing many services that they don’t want or need. Ultimately, this saves our clients time and money.

We Will Save You Money

Since we allow clients to pick and choose IT management services based on their unique needs, most of our clients manage to spend significantly less money with us than they would with a firm that forces clients to pay for a complete service package.

We Provide Better Service

Too many IT management companies take a one-size-fits-all approach with their clients. As a firm that specializes in the IT management needs of small and medium-sized businesses, we provide a high level of service that very few competitors can match. We do this by working with clients to identify and meet their unique needs.

We Provide Excellent Support

Excellent customer support is one of the many things that clients love about our firm. In the event that you run into trouble with your server, your network, or one of your computers, simply contact us and have it resolved for you by one of our skilled technicians. More often than not, we can resolve a client’s issues in moments. When we can’t, we offer additional support until the issues are resolved.

We Can Protect Your Business

PC, network, and server issues can all affect your business in a negative way. With the help of our services, many of these potential issues, like data loss, can be completely avoided. Other issues, like a slow network, can be resolved so that your day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible.

We Have a Complete Set of IT Services

Golden Technical Services offers everything from preventative maintenance tasks and spam protection to compliance audits and software support. Our wide selection of IT services allows us to meet all of our clients’ IT management needs so that they aren’t forced to hire multiple IT specialists.

We Offer Honest Advice

At Golden Technical Services, we believe that the client’s needs always come first. For that reason, we never suggest products or services that won’t benefit the client. For instance, when a client doesn’t need a server upgrade, we won’t try to push one.