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Golden Technical Services offers a wide range of professional IT management services. These services, which range from installing hardware to troubleshooting networks, support the technical needs of modern businesses. While most businesses don’t need everything that we can provide, we offer a complete selection of technical services; this allows our clients to get everything that they do need from a single source.

Below, you’ll learn a little about each category of service that we offer.

What We Offer

Data Security

PC Management: Nearly all types of businesses rely on computers; this is why many of our most popular services fall under the category of PC management. Our PC management services, which include support for hardware and software, help to ensure that our clients’ computers are functioning at optimal levels and are protected from potential threats.

Network Management: Without a network that functions properly, it’s difficult for the members of your team to communicate and collaborate effectively. Our network management services, which include network audits and disaster recovery implementation, will keep your network up and running as it should. We can also work with you to ensure that your network is protected from cybersecurity threats.

Server Management: For businesses that rely on a server for their day-to-day operations, keeping the server up and running is absolutely vital. With our server management services, which include hardware and operating system upgrades, clients are able to avoid unscheduled downtime and maintain high productivity levels. We also consult with clients to discuss whether or not a network server upgrade would benefit them.