PC Management

What we offer:

From core business tasks to functions in specialized software, computers are required for a great deal of the average company’s day-to-day operations. To prevent computer issues from affecting your company’s productivity, it’s vital to have professionals on your side providing comprehensive computer services and support. Golden Technical Services understands how important reliable computers are to local businesses, which is why we offer a wide range of PC-management services to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Here are some examples of the PC-management services that we offer:

Patch Management

Keeping computers updated is usually the best way to get the most out of hardware and software. However, not all updates result in performance improvements. Some updates can even cause serious issues; this is why we offer both patch-management services and support to our clients. In the event that updates cause unforeseen issues, we take action and resolve them quickly.

Software Support

Unfortunately, not all developers provide much support for their software. As a result, it’s not uncommon for end users to run into software problems that are seemingly impossible to resolve. Fortunately, we provide comprehensive software support so that our clients never have to solve software problems on their own.

Hardware Support

Not all hardware manufacturers provide the support that their customers really need. In fact, some hardware manufacturers only provide in-depth product support to large businesses that are willing to pay for bloated support subscriptions. We provide excellent hardware support so that small and medium-sized businesses can get the most out of their hardware.

Vendor Support

In many modern industries, it’s necessary to utilize hardware and software from several different vendors. Because of this, the level of vendor support offered is just as important to know as product features and specifications. We work with clients to ensure that they receive the best vendor support possible and can provide additional support when needed.