Newtwork Management

What we offer:

In this day and age, taking steps to protect a company’s network is an important part of protecting the company’s business. Thanks to our network-management services, our clients rest easy knowing that their networks, their data, and their businesses, are safe. They also are able to enjoy the performance benefits of a professionally managed network! Here are some of the most popular network-management services that we provide:

Network Audits

Having network audits performed regularly is the only way to assess the security, availability, and performance of a network. We perform comprehensive network audits for our clients regularly to ensure that their networks are functioning as smoothly and safely as possible. When we detect problems, we work with clients to implement changes to ensure optimal network security and functionality.

Virus, Malware, & Spam Protection

Without adequate protection from viruses and other forms of malware, networked computers are in an extremely vulnerable state. We implement network-security measures for clients to protect their computers from viruses, malware, and spam so that they don’t need to worry about data loss, information leaks, and other serious cyber-security issues.

Data Backup

Data loss is a serious issue, and backing up important files is a task that deserves professional attention. We perform standard and emergency data backups for clients to ensure that their files aren’t lost due to unforeseen circumstances, such as hardware failure. Once we recover clients’ data, we are able to offer suggestions and solutions to prevent similar types of data loss in the future.

Disaster Recovery Implementation

The best way to prevent data loss is to implement an effective disaster-recovery plan. We work with clients to make effective disaster-recovery plans that won’t interfere with their day-to-day business operations. Then, we implement these plans to ensure that their most important files are always backed up and accessible following a data-loss event. If needed, we can also provide professional data-recovery services.